Smart Visualization and Analytic Tools for your CBP ACE Data to Intelligently Manage your Business and Compliance

Using Your CBP ACE data with TDX to better manage your business is now a click away

Until TDX, data about your company that is continually loaded into CBP ACE was difficult to productively access, organize, analyze to report on and manage the company’s import and export operations in a cost-effective manner.

This tool will help you to:

TDX Delivers Analytical reports to Jump-Start Intelligent Management

With TDX, your company’s ACE data will be organized and presented in meaningful charts, graphs and pictorial representations providing insightful decision-making to lower duties, enhance compliance, evaluate transportation, seek sourcing alternatives, lessen dependency risks, and facilitate financial analysis.

Testimonials from our clients​

TDX gives us the breadth and depth in analysis without hiring additional personnel

These dashboards are regularly used by our treasury, finance, logistics, sourcing, supply chain and trade compliance professionals

We are able to constantly identify savings and optimization in many areas